Shoppers Spend $1,000 on eCommerce Annually – Is Your Business Taking Advantage?

by Janet Granger |December 4, 2014|No Comments

Global eCommerce

Canadian shoppers don’t just buy online – they buy a lot online, about $954 annually, per person, according to an Ipsos Reid survey. Their most common purchases? Beauty products (29 percent), items for their home (23 percent), pet products (17 percent), and even groceries (15 percent). Consumers buy so much that between 2011 and 2012, […]


Smart ways to lower your shipping costs

by Allison Cutler |May 1, 2014|No Comments


Businesses all across Canada continue to digest the impact of the latest rate change from Canada Post. Canada Post introduced the new tiered-pricing structure for Lettermail to provide savings opportunities for those who mail the most. But as the volume of shipping continues to grow, it pays to look at how you handle parcels and […]