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New postal rates are now in effect

by Allison Cutler | March 31, 2014 | No Comments

MeterRateChangeBlogSave up to 25% with your Pitney Bowes postage meter.

New Canada Post Lettermail rates take effect March 31, 2014. With the new tiered-pricing structure, a single postage stamp purchased at a Canada Post Office or Canada Post Retail counter now costs $1.00. Stamps purchased in booklets or coils are priced at $0.85 per stamp.

Customers using a postage meter to mail standard letters to destinations within Canada will pay $0.75 per letter—a 25% discount over single stamp purchases.

Meter users can save at every level—including Incentive Lettermail. In addition, when you use your meter in conjunction with Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tool (EST) for parcel shipping you will save a minimum of 5% compared to retail rates. Discounts are also available when you use your postage meter to letters mailed to USA and international addresses. Watch our webinar on the Canada Post Rate Update for more details.

All the new Canada Post postage rates can be found here.

Start saving right away. We’ve simplified the rate change for Pitney Bowes meter users. Just download the new rates—and let your meter do the rest. Your postage meter will automatically reset on March 31 with the new Lettermail rates—including the 25% discount for meter users. With a Pitney Bowes postage meter, you can be confident that that your mail will be posted accurately. View the download instructions for your meter.

Get more value out of your postage meter. Pitney Bowes meter users can be even more cost-efficient. Our meters include a built-in scale, so you’ll always apply the correct postage, eliminating guesswork. Your postage meter actually helps speed up your mail preparation and makes it easier for Canada Post to process and deliver your mail. The more professional look of metered mail makes a better impression on the recipient—and metering simplifies your postal accounting. Find out more.

For more details, visit our Canada Post Rate Update website.

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