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Make your mail work smarter

by Allison Cutler | March 24, 2014 | No Comments

MailOpenBlogTips to enhance openability

Despite rumours to the contrary, direct mail remains one of the most cost-effective ways to actually engage customers. Consumers trust mail, especially for highly confidential or sensitive material. According to a Canada Post study, 94% of Canadians will open mail from a company they know.

Given those facts, your customer’s mailbox might be pretty crowded, so your mail piece must stand out. Getting your mail piece open and read will generate a positive ROI even with the recently announced Lettermail rate changes.

Now for the good news: you can increase the openability of your direct mail. Here are a few proven techniques:

  • Use colour on your envelope: Today’s print and mail technologies allow you to print color on the front and back of an envelope while you’re printing postage. Keep it simple with a seasonal message or up the ante with a targeted, time sensitive offer. Use TransPromo messages on the outside of transactional mail to cross-sell, too. You will soon discover that using color will increase message impact and cost-efficiency at the same time. Learn more.
  • Increase personalization: When you speak to your customer as an individual, you can expect better results. Start with correct data so the customer’s name and address are right—as the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. New print technology can personalize messaging within the body of your piece as well as the outside. You can even include a Personalized URL to track responses more effectively.
  • Customize your messaging: Leverage insights you have on customer preferences and purchase patterns to create messaging that is specifically relevant. These highly-customized messages can increase direct mail open and response rates—and don’t cost you more to produce.
  • Incorporate QR codes: More than an intriguing mark on a direct mail piece, a Quick Response code helps drive traffic to your Web site. QR codes let you create a customized offer, point the customer to additional product information, or accelerate another action, such as make a payment. Learn more.
  • Let your postage meter be your advertising partner: Metered mail makes a statement about your company. Small businesses can appear larger and more prominent. With its ability to print a logo, advertisement or even a product image, a postage meter can turn your envelope into a mini-billboard. Learn more about how the meter has never been more valuable to your business.

As you can see, there are many tricks of the trade that can improve your mail open rates. Your best solution is to get the most impact out of every mail piece, whether it’s transactional, promotional—or compliance-related. You can make your mail work harder—and smarter.

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