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Canada Post and the future of mail

by Allison Cutler | March 10, 2014 | No Comments

MailStackAs a business, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The enduring value of mail
A healthy, robust postal service is important in every market. Consumers trust the mail. In many instances, it remains their preferred method of receiving communications. And businesses rely on the mail to engage prospects and customers in a true one-to-one manner.

Parcel deliveries are now at an all-time high and still growing as consumers increasingly turn to e-commerce.

A plan for greater efficiency
Last year, Canada Post outlined a five-point plan to realign how it delivers and prices postal services. The primary goals are to meet Canadians’ emerging and future needs, while reducing costs substantially. Steps include:

A new approach to pricing: Canada Post will introduce a new tiered pricing structure for Lettermail, which will better reflect the cost of serving various segments.
Expanding convenience: Canada Post will strengthen its retail network by opening more franchise postal outlets in stores across Canada.
Streamlining operations: Changes to internal operations will make for a more efficient flow of parcels and mail through the network and to the customers.
Addressing the cost of labour: The goal is to create a more flexible and competitive Canada Post, able to respond quickly to the changing marketplace.

Rewards for business mailers
Canada Post recognizes that how mail is prepared impacts how efficiently it can be processed. In many ways, businesses can take simple steps to earn big discounts.

Metered mail savings: Canada Post is rewarding high-volume customers who prepare their mail efficiently. Simply by using a postage meter, business mailers can save up to 25% off the price of a single stamp.
Presort savings: With Incentive Lettermail, if you are sending 500 pieces or more, you can sort your mail by Postal Code and place it in containers so that it can skip some steps in the distribution process.
Machinable rates: When you mail 5,000 or more pieces, you may qualify for special rates if you prepare mail so that it can be efficiently processed through automated mail processing equipment.
Parcel discounts: You can also use your postage meter to pay for parcels when you use the Canada Post Electronic Shipping Tools online at www.canadapost.ca. Save a minimum 5% compared to retail rates.

In many ways, Canada Post is creating opportunities for business mailers to help create a more efficient postal system by preparing mail in the most effective way. And in return, you can connect with customers and prospects for less. And through it all, Pitney Bowes is here to help.

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